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I’m so excited you landed here on this page! Maybe you even end up joining the community😉

I’m not going to waste your time with a looooong sales page. We’ve got better things to do, right?

I can promise you this: essential oils work if you let them.

In other words, you’ll need to be an active user to get results.

Essential oils are Mother natures own immune system. Plant power at it's finest. Plants and trees use these oils to protect themselves against threats as climate change, disease, and bugs. We have been using them since ancient times, so it's not a new discovery. But with modern medicine and the industrialization of our world we seemed to have forgotten that we are part of nature.

My favorite oil company is dōTERRA (even though their name is a hassle to write😅). They are at the forefront of research, quality control, and sustainability. You know, all the important stuff.

Do yourself and your family a huge favor and give these oils a try.

In short signing up with dōTERRA through me gives you access to me through my FB group and an online portal with training videos. An important part of succeeding with your essential oils practice is getting support and training in how to use them.

Essential oils work in everything from skincare and deodorants to detergents and air fresheners. But most importantly they are powerful tools in emotional healing. We all have emotional blocks that are keeping us from living fully. That is keeping us playing small and not embracing our fullest potential. We all have our unique story and we all need to find a way that works for us.

These are my top 3 favorite oils:


A powerful immune booster blend that I have been using for years with great results. A well functioning immune system is essential for you to thrive. Be proactive and support it so that it can do the job it’s designed to do. Emotionally this oil blend will also protect your energy around other people. If you are sensitive to others energy this is a good tool to use.


This is the oil I started with long before I knew about dōTERRA or thought about the quality of oils. I highly recommend trying oregano cleanse to break down candida overgrowth and support colon health. Powerful tool to use against parasites and bacteria.

Emotionally this is the oil of humility and non-attachment. It can help you get rid of negative attachments and materialism.


This is a little new to me, but oh the powers of this oil! It supports cellular health and renewal(bye, bye wrinkles). It amplifies the use of other oils and has a calming effect when anxious. This is the oil I wish I had in my twenties when I really struggled with life. Emotionally it is the oil of truth. It aids you to cut through the BS and find your true authentic self.


 Starter kits

There are many to choose between and I’d say go for what you can afford to buy. I do recommend buying one with a diffuser just because it’s such an easy way to use the oils in a hectic everyday life. Also, you will affect anyone who is in the room when you use the diffuser.

Click here to have a look at what there is to choose between in Europe or in the USA.

Get started today

Get started with essential oils today!

Step 1: Click Here (or use www.mydoterra.com/kristinalvestad)

Step 2: Keep the "wholesale customer" option (unless you have an interest in building a doTERRA business - then select "wellness advocate." The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should populate for you. But if not - enter 6360087 and Kristin Alvestad will appear

Step 3: Fill in your personal info

Step 4: Choose whichever starter kit you’re drawn to and add any additional items at the 25% off price to your cart.

Step 5: Finalize your shipping and payment options. Click “Process Order Now & Continue”. Your confirmation email from dōTERRA should land in your inbox within 24 hours (remember to check your spam or promotional folder in Gmail).

If you don’t want to begin with one of the starter kits - you can create your own order by selecting the Introductory Package ($35 in the US or $42 in Canada) and then adding whichever items to your cart you'd like to order at the 25% off price.

Step 6: Congratulations! You are now a member of the family and I'll send you an email as soon as I get notifications from dōTERRA.

Do you have any questions? Send me a message at kristin@kristinalvestad.no



Download this starter guide from dōTERRA to get started on your journey.

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